Translations to German language

We translate documents from any language to German language for individuals, businessmen and companies. The translations are done by native speakers; the expert, stylistic and pre-print proofreading is done by experts in their field.

You will provide the source text in any format and our translation agency performs a top-level translation to German language for you. We translate individual documents – business and official documents, manuals, etc. as well as whole books, lecture notes, presentations, websites, etc. We have experience with translations in more than 100 fields.

No matter if you need a translation to German language or from German language, we translate using the TRADOS software. Thanks to that, we guarantee the uniformity of the word and expression terminology used in all your translated documents.

For the purpose of your communication with authorities, we also provide sworn translations to German language or from German language. We will deliver also a sworn copy with the translation – therefore, the original document remains in its original condition.

Do you need to quickly find out the price for your translation to German language or from German language? Use our on-line price list where you can set the basic parameters of the translation. Do not hesitate to contact us in the case that you have any questions related to the price of translation.

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10. 1. We realize translations from/to dozens of African languages The team of TLC translators works virtually all over the world. Proof of that is our translator from the African state of Malawi, who, in June 2011, translated the lyrics of a song from Chewa to Czech for a Czech recording studio. 5. 1. We translate texts across continents and cultures Some commissions realized by the TLC translators are truly unconventional –especially due to atypical combinations of languages across continents and cultures. 27. 12. The TLC translators manage to work with subtle nuances between the use of one language in different countries The same language used in different countries can have a very different terminology. Our translator who worked on the translation of texts on Czech bioproducts to German for the purpose of their sale in Austria ascertained that too.